Movement Disorder Specialists

Movement Disorder Specialists

This list does not intend to offer any recommendations. It is a basic directory and serves as a starting point to find an appropriate health care provider. Some are listed as a request by a doctor or Neurologist, but we do not endorse or guarantee the skills or outcomes of any of the listed professionals or health services. There is an option to find private and public services via MyHospitals website or Healthdirect. You may need to contact clinics or hospitals to check the referral or eligibility requirements and confirm if a MDS consults there. Please click on links provided for more info.  

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→ Canberra Hospital Neurology Department

Child or Paediatric Neurology
→ Paediatrics at Canberra Hospital (patCH)

Find a Health Service
→ ACT Health find-a-health service

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 Assoc Prof Victor Fung
→ Specialist Neurology Services – Westmead

Dr Stephen Tisch
 St Vincent’s Clinic (Private)
→ St Vincent’s Public Hospital Sydney – Neurology Department (Public)

Dr Kishore Kumar
→ Sydney North Neurology and Neurophysiology (Private)

Associate Professor Karl Ng
→ Sydney North Neurology and Neurophysiology (Private)

A/Prof John Carmody
→ Wollongong Hospital Botulinum Toxin Clinic (Public)
→ Wollongong Private Hospital

Dr. Neil Mahant
→ Specialist services Medical Group (Private)

Dr Sanjeev Taneja
→ Wollongong Public Hospital
→ Mid North Coast Specialist Outreach Clinic – Coffs Harbour (Public)
→ Wollongong Private Hospital

Dr Jeff Blackie
→ John Hunter Hospital – Neurology Department

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→ St Vincent’s Public Hospital Sydney – Neurology Department (Public)
→ Westmead Hospital Outpatient Service Movement Disorder Neurology Clinic
→ Westmead Hospital University Clinics Neurology Service (Public)
→ Westmead Hospital Outpatient Service Neurophysiology Clinic
→ Westmead Hospital Outpatient Service Deep Brain Stimulation Clinic
→ Westmead Private Hospital 2018 Medical Specialist Directory

Child or Paediatric Neurology – Hospitals or Clinics
→ Neurology at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
→ John Hunter Children’s Hospital –  Hunter New England Local Health District and Northern NSW
→ Liverpool Hospital – Paediatric Neurology Clinic (Run in conjunction with Sydney Children’s Hospital)

For more Neurology Clinics or services please click link to the NSW Human Services Network Directory  HSNet 

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Neurology Clinic – Please contact Hospital to confirm if MDS attends clinic

→ Royal Darwin Hospital 

→ Darwin Private Hospital 

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Dr Anna Sellbach
→ ThinkNeuro (at Wesley Medical Centre (Private)

Assoc Prof John O’Sullivan
→ Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (Public)

Dr Meenakshi Raj
→ Gold Coast Neurology – Pindara Specialist Suites (Private)

Child or Paediatric Neurology – Public/Private
→ Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Neurosciences (Neurology) and Neurologist List

Dr Nabeel Sheikh
Redland Hospital (Public)
QNeurology (Private)

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Dr Christopher Kneebone
→ Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
→ North Adelaide

Associate Professor James Temlett
→ Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)  – Neurology outpatient service in Central Adelaide

Child or Paediatric Neurology
→ Women’s and Children’s Hospital
→ Flinders Medical Centre – Paediatric Neurology Clinic public and private 

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Dr Andrew Evans – Launceston Tasmania
→ Richmond Neurology (Private)

Child or Paediatric Neurology
→ Hospital or Services List  – Neurology (Paediatric)

List of other Neuros or related links
 Tasmanian Health Service – General Neurology Clinic
→ Tasmanian Health Directory – Neurology

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Dr Wesley Thevathasan
→ Cabrini Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital (Medical Suites – Private)
→ Royal Melbourne Hospital – Movement Disorders Program (Public)

Dr Kelly Bertram
→ Neurology Network Melbourne (Private)
→ Alfred Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic (Public)
→ Caulfield Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic (Public)

Dr Will Lee
→ Eastern Health – Box Hill Hospital Movement Disorder Clinic (Public) and Private in Melbourne, Wantirna and Box Hill
→ Alfred Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic (Public)

Dr Andrew Evans
→ Richmond Neurology (Private)
→ Royal Melbourne Hospital – Movement Disorders Program (Public)

Associate Professor David Williams (Consults St Kilda Rd, Knox, Ballarat, Wangaratta)
→ Neurology Network Melbourne (Private)

Monash Neurology
→ Neurology Private Consulting Suites Monash Medical Centre (Clayton)
→ Monash Health – Movement Disorders Clinic (Public)

Western Health – Department of Neurology
→ Footscray and Sunshine Hospital (Public)

Child or Paediatric Neurology

Professor Andrew Kornberg
Royal Children’s Hospital (Public)
→ Children’s Private Medical Group (Private)

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RCH to Launch Complex Movement Disorders Program

Other Hospitals or Clinics
→ Monash Children’s Hospital 

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Dr Rick Stell
→ Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (Public)
→ Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science (Bulk Billed)
→ St John of God Subiaco Hospital Clinic (Private)

Dr Soumya Ghosh
→ Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute (WANRI) – Bulk Billed

Child or Paediatric Neurology

Dr Maina Kava
 Paedswest Clinic (Private)

Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH)
→ Neuroscience and Neurology

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Functional Neurological Disorders (FND)

→ Searchable database of health professionals with interest and expertise in Functional Neurological Disorders

blue lineGenetics Services

→ Clinical Genetics Service – Austin, Mercy and Northern Hospital in Victoria
The service accepts referrals for adult and paediatric patients with a personal/family history of Familial neurological and muscle disorders.

  • This may include individuals with a personal/family history of myotonic dystrophy, muscular dystrophy, ataxia, leukodystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, dystonia, periodic paralysis, congenital myasthenic syndromes, hereditary neuropathy, and early onset dementia/parkinsonism.

 → Genetics (Tasmania Statewide)       
Diagnosis, counselling and support of individuals with, or at risk of, hereditary disorders. Please contact them to confirm if they do genetic testing for Dystonia.

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This list does not intend to offer any recommendations. It is a basic directory and serves as a starting point to find an appropriate health care provider. We do not endorse or guarantee the skills or outcomes of any of the listed professionals. 

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