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The Brain Foundation

There is no cure for Dystonia at the present time. Please donate to research that is working towards a cure. 

You can donate by clicking on the Brain Foundation Dystonia image or the link provided to direct you to the Brain Foundation donation page. On the DONATE form choose ‘Dystonia Research’ in the drop down campaign box.

You can also donate via the phone by contacting the Brain Foundation on 1300 886 660.

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Donate to the Complex Movement Disorders Program (Royal Children’s Hospital)

Funds will be donated to implement the RCH Complex Movement Disorders Program to support children with a Movement Condition, including Dystonia. It will consist a variety of health professionals or a multidisciplinary team to provide care, innovative and intensive therapies, such as Deep Brain Stimulation to improve their quality of life.

Neurologist, Associate Professor Andrew Kornberg fundraised for the program, by flying a plane around Australia over a 27 day period, which included visiting RCH patients. Link: Fly for the Kids – RCH Complex Movement Disorders Program.

More Information: Cutting Edge Care for Complex Movement Disorders

To donate: RCH Complex Movement Disorders Program

blue lineDonate to the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) – Asia-Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation

APCN research programs aim to secure better outcomes for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) patients and expand the applications of DBS to treat new conditions and more patients. Link to more information:

Your support can help revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease!

Click on the following link to direct you to donate page and under ‘Make a gift to’ click Asia-Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation.

Donation Link: (QBI) – Asia-Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation

blue lineDonate to Dystonia Research/treatment at University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

For more details on how to donate please click on link provided. Choose to donate to UTS Health Graduate Treating dystonia.

Link: Give to UTS

Australian Dysphonia Network: Help us to bring the voiceless back into the conversation

While the causes of dysphonia are many, the trickiest ones are neurological. Those who are affected ‘look and seem’ otherwise well, which often makes diagnosis slow, and public understanding poor. Their aim is to support people affected by life changing voice disorders or dysphonia by educating, lobbying and raising awareness of voice disorders, including raising funds for research into cause & management. They will be fundraising to achieve these goals. Their proposed projects: ADN 2017 Corporate Proposal -reduced.pdf.

For further details and to donate: Help us to bring the voiceless back into the conversation


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