Dystonia Awareness Month

Dystonia Awareness Month in September 2022! Watch this Space!

Dystonia Awareness Month 2021 Facebook Post PNG

Dystonia Awareness Month Kit 2021

Facebook Cover 2021 PNG
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Social media posts with images during the Dystonia Awareness Month
Dystonia – A mind of its own Facebook image/post ↗
Dystonia – Muscles with a life of their own Facebook image/post ↗
Dystonia – Muscles with a life of their own Twitter image/post ↗
September is Dystonia Awareness Month Facebook image/post ↗

If you would like to help spread awareness there are many ways you can achieve this.

  • Share our ➡ Dystonia Awareness Slide 
  • Leave Dystonia flyers or posters at a clinic or Hospital
  • Add a Dystonia article/story in the media or your Local Council and Community Health Service Newsletters
  • Share information about Dystonia on a radio channel
  • Organise an online public information session or event to raise awareness of Dystonia
  • Share website page and other Dystonia info on Facebook and Twitter
  • Ask a Hospital or Clinic to add information on the Dystonia awareness month on their medical display screen
  • Have a Dystonia Awareness pharmacy/Chemist display
  • Ask networks to share on their events page or Calendar 
  • Share link to the ADSG ➡ Dystonia Awareness Video
  • Have a sausage sizzle such as at Bunnings or supermarkets with Dystonia awareness materials
  • Have a sticker on your vehicle during Dystonia Awareness Month in September (if you would like to use some of our awareness images/icons please contact us)
  • Make it the month to donate to Dystonia research or to a cause relating to Dystonia

Dystonia Awareness Month is added to event calendars and to other networks. 

Dystonia Awareness Month September 2020

Please share links!
Dystonia Awareness Month | Together Raising Awareness (Poster 1)
→ Dystonia | We share what it’s like…………………… (Poster 2)
→ ADSG member image post – Generalised Dystonia 
→ ADSG member image post – Cervical Dystonia

Dystonia Awareness Month 2017 – Snippet of the Awareness Month 

Dystonia Awareness Month 2016 – Snippet in our ADSG in Action: A look back at 2016! The Brain Foundation ‘Brainwaves’ newsletter 2016.

Dystonia Awareness Month 2015 – Snippet of Dystonia Awareness Month 2015 and the Brain Foundation ‘Brainwaves’ newsletter 2015.

Dystonia Awareness Month 2014

In 2014 we had a very first National Dystonia Awareness Month. A Dystonia website was set up and a Facebook page which ran during the awareness month. Group members joined in and helped spread the word and raise awareness. The awareness website had info on Dystonia, updates and events, stories of several sufferers, an awareness video and links to further information and support groups. Link to more details – ADSG Dystonia Awareness Month 2014. 

The Dystonia Awareness Month 2014 in the Brain Foundation’s Newsletter – Brainwaves

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