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Events for August 

Be Medicinewise Week: 19–25 August 2019

It is about knowing how to communicate about medicines to get the most out of them, safely.
→ Be Medicinewise Week 2019

Speech Pathology Week: 25-31 August 2019

To promote the speech pathology profession and the work done by speech pathologists with the more than 1.2 million Australians who have a communication or swallowing disorder that impacts on their daily life. → Speech Pathology Week 2019

CPEC Healthy Mothers Healthy Families: 31 August 2019

The Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) has joined with Dr Helen Bourke-Taylor
from Monash University to run FREE Healthy Mothers Healthy Families workshops. Come and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle that fosters your own health and wellbeing alongside a happy and healthy family life. For more info and to register → Healthy Mothers Healthy Families Workshop

Events for September

 Get ready for Dystonia Awareness Month all through September
Do not forget to share our awareness posts!

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Dystonia Awareness Events – Past 

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Dystonia Awareness Month

Dystonia Awareness Month is held in September and aims to raise awareness of dystonia (neurological movement disorder) which causes uncontrollable movements, twisting or muscles spasms as well as pain. There are different forms of dystonia affecting adults or children.

For more information ⇒ Dystonia Awareness Month Page 

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Adelaide Dystonia Conference May 2015

The Parkinson’s Australia National Conference was held in Adelaide at the Convention Centre 27-29 May 2015. The Dystonia Program ran on Friday 29 may 2015 and was very successful. Please click link provided to direct you to blog post.

Link ⇒ Update! Dystonia Program – Parkinson’s Australia National Conference

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Australian Dystonia Support Group – National Dystonia Patient Event

In 2014 we had our first ADSG national patient event! It was held in Melbourne and was a very informative session and a BIG success! Monika Benson presented who is now Executive Director for Dystonia Europe. Other speakers were present too. 

Link to read all about it! Photos included!

Related links ⇒ A Dystonia Patient Event in Melbourne, Australia


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