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The Australian Dystonia Support Group (ADSG) was created by a Dystonia sufferer in 2011. During their search for information, support and understanding, it was discovered the devastation faced by many contributors of Dystonia websites and support groups. They thought more support was needed in Australia, so the Australia Dystonia Support Group was created.

The group has grown over the years and members have supported each other while trying to cope with this condition.  As we know there are many out there searching for answers and support, who are not aware that the support group exists, so this ADSG website has been set up to help them find us. The group is not an incorporated organisation but as volunteers we try to work together with organisations, networks and researchers to raise more awareness in the community.

Do you need support or information? Visit our ‘support meetings’ page! Meetings are planned regularly in each state. You can print our flyers, cards, posters or other information added to the Printable Information‘ page.

If you would like to join our support group (open to Australians) click on the ‘join our group’ link provided and it will direct you to the support group page. Then click on the ‘join’ button. You will receive a reply in your Facebook messages ‘other box’ or you can email ADSG@live.com.au if you cannot view the message. It is free to join and there is no membership fee.

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