Click the following links to view the Dystonia presentations

Brain Foundation → Dystonia Webinar
Florence Chang from Westmead Hospital discussed Dystonia, research and answered questions.

Dystonia Program → Parkinson’s Australia National Conference
The Parkinson’s Australia National Conference was held in Adelaide in May 2015, which included a  Dystonia Program.

Suzanne Bayliss Talk Oh Sing with Broken Voice My Dystonic Body
Talk by Suzanne Bayliss, an ADSG member. She has multi-segmental Dystonia and has had Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).

Short film → ‘Dystonia’
The true story of Margot Chiverton, an ADSG member. She was a highly successful musician who performed in orchestras around the world, including the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, before she reluctantly left after developing Dystonia.

Dystonia Awareness Slide → Let’s Talk About Dystonia
For further awareness and understanding of Dystonia. 

About ADSG → Slide
Informational slide about the Australian Dystonia Support Group.

Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada → Webinar for Parents of Children and Teens with Dystonia
This webinar covered the following topics such as forms of dystonia and classifications, how diagnosis is made, possible treatment methods and Q&A with Dr Meijer.

FND Hope → Interview and Q&A with Dr Alex Lehn
Dr Lehn who is a Neurologist and leader of the multi-disciplinary team from the Mater Hospital, Brisbane, Australia talks about Functional Movement Disorders.

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