Participate in a Tele-yoga Study for adults with Cervical Dystonia!

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of yoga delivered remotely on adults with dystonia. This work will have implications related to physical interventions, symptom management and quality of life as well as implications related to the role of tele-therapy.
For Australian participants, the time difference has been taken into consideration and they will allocate sessions to accommodate the time difference.

Details of Study

→ Open to adults (18-80 years-old) with Cervical Dystonia
→ 30-minute one-on-one yoga sessions
→ Breathing, posture, relaxation and meditation exercises included
→ Delivered remotely through videoconferencing 2 times per week
→ Time commitment is 12 weeks (includes follow-up testing)
→  Able to use teleconferencing 

Eligibility details for Volunteers

Excludes those with the following:
→ A diagnosis of major depressive disorder
→ Injury or condition that could prevent the ability to engage in yoga poses based on self-report
→ Cognitive impairment or condition that would prevent the subject from understanding the tasks or communicating with the research team
→ Has had past yoga experience exceeding 5 or more times within the last 2 months
→ Women who are pregnant
→ No access to a technological device (such as a smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet) or access to WiFi that can be used to access the teleconferencing medium

→ If the subject does not want to be recorded during the yoga sessions

Contact of this Study

To participate, confirm details or for further information please email Assistant Professor, Jean-François Daneault (Rutgers University) at

Link to additional details → Tele-yoga and Dystonia

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