Complete Survey! How Do Individuals with Chronic Dysphonia Cope?

Research Participants Needed – Australian Dysphonia Network

We are super excited … It’s H E R E …

Late last year the Australian Dysphonia Network funded a scholarship via the Dr Liang Voice Program to explore aspects of living with chronic dysphonia.

The study is being conducted by an Honours Student @ USyd and while the ADN has funded it, we have not been involved in any way in the design (so it will be exciting for all of us).

It is now live.. so it’s time to recruit. Have your say, and help shape the future of management of chronic voice disorders.

Follow this link to begin the survey!

NOTE: The study is open to individuals with chronic voice disorders aged older than 18 and must:

– Have dysphonia that is chronic; with the condition lasting at least 3-4 months prior to diagnosis

– Have a definitive diagnosis of the disorder provided by a qualified ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT) and/or a qualified speech and language pathologist (SLP)

–  Other Individuals excluded in this study include dysphonia with co- existing speech or language disorders, hormonal voice disorders and psychogenic dysphonia

– Speak English fluently and international participants are welcome

Source: Research Participants Needed – Australian Dysphonia Network


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