The short film ‘Dystonia’ is now available to view online!

This short film is the true story of Margot Chiverton, an ADSG member. She was a highly successful musician who performed in orchestras around the world, including the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, before she reluctantly left after developing #Dystonia. Written and directed by Peter Chiverton. Starring Lydia Fay, Nathan Bolton and Charlotte Jakubowski.

If you would like to also read Margot’s story please click link » Living with Dystonia

Thank you for raising awareness Margot and Peter Chiverton! 

Click play to view film! 

One thought on “The short film ‘Dystonia’ is now available to view online!

  1. I have cervical dystonia. The actress does a good job portraying CD. 7:28 Ah the struggle with the jigga-jigga-jigga of the head whether its a coffee cup, lipstick or musical instrument being placed on the lips. Its also hard to read because the herky jerky motion blurs the words. Simple tasks I once took for granted take tremendous concentration and effort, and involve much pain, and despite best efforts some things are just impossible. Keeping my head still for an MRI for example. It had to be clamped. Been like this since 2001. Nearly 20 years. Wish they’d find a cure.


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