Important update! Botulinum Toxin Program and Co-payments

BOTOX allergen Botulinum toxin Toxin, Dystonia

Dystonia and Botox “Photo © Scott Camazine” You will need permission to copy or alter this image.

In 2015 new arrangements were implemented for providing or administering Botulinum Toxin to patients. A factsheet was provided to better understand how it will affect patients or consumers. Recently the PBS Department has made some minor changes for Doctors, as well as providing further information to patients or consumers. Here is a brief summary of the new information included or changes made.

 The prior factsheet informed patients that co-payments will apply for a public or private patient for each prescription of a botulinum toxin. Now a more detailed summary has been added relating to botulinum toxin treatment for each indication or condition. If a patient is prescribed PBS botulinum toxin for treatment of more than one condition (for example dynamic equinus foot deformity and spasticity of the upper limb), more than one co-payment will apply. Consumers will still be eligible for the PBS Safety Net. Further information was included to ensure that there is no confusion in regards to co-payments.

 Effective 1 March 2017, prescribers will be able to write two prescriptions for botulinum toxin for the same patient on the same day, where there is a clinical need to treat two different conditions. 

Refer to factsheet for full details! Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Botulinum Toxin Program.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot make the co-payments please speak to your doctor, the clinic or the pharmacy that charges the amount.  You can also visit the MoneyHelp website for financial tips and information. 


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