Fly for the Kids: A Mission for a Children’s Complex Movement Disorders Program 

Have you heard about the ‘Fly for the Kids’ mission?

Neurologist, Associate Professor Andrew Kornberg at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, is on a mission to fundraise for a Complex Movement Disorders Program to support children with Movement Conditions, including Dystonia. It will consist of a variety of health professionals or a multidisciplinary team to provide care, and innovative and intensive therapies, such as Deep Brain Stimulation.  This program is important as it will include a dedicated team of practitioners who understand, support and treat movement disorders.

Complex Movement Disorders Program

Complex Movement Disorders Program Royal Children’s Hospital

In March 2017, Professor Andrew Kornberg, will be starting on a quest to fly solo around Australia to raise money to establish the comprehensive program. This will be over a 27 day period and will include visiting RCH patients. 

The following link will direct you to further information and to a video ‘Brooke’s journey’ (one of our groups members) to help everyone understand how important this fundraiser is for children with movement disorders.

Fly for the Kids – RCH Complex Movement Disorders Program

Join Dr Kornberg and the Good Friday Appeal on this fundraising journey by becoming involved or donating to the program!

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Brooke’s Story – Brooke has Generalized Primary Torsion Dystonia


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