Paroxysmal Dystonia – A Rare Neurological Condition!

Did you know that Paroxysmal Dystonia can affect Children? 

Paroxysmal Dystonia is a rare type of Dystonia which affects adults and children. It causes short, dystonic movements or abnormal postures. Symptoms may came on suddenly which is known as an ‘attack’ and may resemble epilepsy or a seizure (fit). However the person does not have a loss of consciousness and are responsive during attacks.

Thinking Brain

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The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, which has experience relating to children with these types of conditions, shared their insights. Please click on linked provided to read about a brave boy who has this condition.

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead – Snippet on Paroxysmal Dystonia

Links to more info about this type of Dystonia: 

Paroxysmal Dystonia 

Paroxysmal Dyskinesias

If you want to know more about Dystonia and Children click on link provided – Dystonia and Children.


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