Snippet of the Dystonia Awareness Month!

Dystonia Awareness Month Australia cover image

In September we had our Dystonia Awareness Month. Group members joined in and helped spread the word and raise awareness. Information was shared thru social networks and information stalls.

During the Awareness Month 1,844 people viewed our website, which included 412 who viewed our Dystonia Awareness video, 68 visits of our Dystonia Awareness Month page, 122 people viewed our ‘September is Dystonia Awareness Month!’ blog post, and our Facebook Community page posts reached 12,083 public members.

Well done everyone!

Dystonia Awareness Month celebrate

Thank you to the members who participated in the Awareness Month, Lisa McInnes for providing her amazing awareness images, Ipsen who printed flyers for our awareness month, and any other organisations and the public who joined in to raise awareness.


One thought on “Snippet of the Dystonia Awareness Month!

  1. […] During the Dystonia Awareness Month, ADSG members joined in to help raise awareness of Dystonia. Information or Dystonia images were shared through social media or provided to other networks. Thank you to all who participated. During the Awareness Month, posts on our Community Facebook Page reached 13,500 people. An excellent achievement! Make it your mission for 2017 to raise awareness! Link to the Dystonia Awareness Month Page. […]


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