Not just a Marathon for Brooke!

Not just a Marathon for Brooke!

Brooke Dystonia Waverley leader

Source: Waverley Leader

Brooke has suffered from early onset primary torsion dystonia, a Neurological Movement Condition since childhood.

This has made it difficult for Brooke to do normal everyday activities. She recently had Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (DBS) so she can lead an active and better quality of life. Ever since the surgery there has been a significant improvement in her Dystonia and now she has the opportunity to compete in the Melbourne Marathon with her friend.

Money raised will be donated to the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) which provides services to children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions including primary and secondary dystonia such as dystonic cerebral palsy.

Snippet of Brooke’s Journey in the Waverley Leader – 8/9/15 Page 8 

“She couldn’t lift her head above her knees last year and to see her like this enjoying life again is amazing. To see her wanting to do the walk is incredible. It is remarkable.” – Waverley Leader

Brooke Dystonia

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This post is highlighting one young woman’s battle with dystonia rather than the fundraising but we do acknowledge that the centre supports a number of children with various types of Dystonia. If you would like to know more about Brooke’s battle with Dystonia please click on link provided to read her story.

Brooke’s Story: Story Page – Brooke’s Story

It is Dystonia Awareness Month and some ADSG members are volunteering their time to raise awareness of Dystonia. Updates will be provided on Blog page.

Link to Dystonia Awareness page: Dystonia Awareness Month Australia

More info on primary torsion dystonia: Genetics Home Reference and DMRF

More info on Deep Brain Stimulation: Medtronic (DBS)


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