September is Dystonia Awareness Month!

Dystonia Awareness Month Australia cover image

It is Dystonia Awareness Month so watch this blog page for updates!

Dystonia is a Neurological Movement Condition which affects adults and children. It can affect any part of the body and causes muscles to contract or spasm. This may cause pain, tremors, twisting and other uncontrollable movements. Currently there is no cure. Please help those affected by joining in and spreading awareness of this condition during the Dystonia Awareness Month!

If you would like to help spread awareness during the awareness month there are many ways you can achieve this:

  • Have a Dystonia awareness display at a pharmacy or chemist

  • Leave Dystonia flyers or posters at a clinic or Hospital

  • Add a Dystonia article or story in the newspaper

  • Share information on Dystonia on a radio channel

  • Have a sausage sizzle at bunnings or another venue and share information on Dystonia

  • Organise a public conference or event to raise awareness of Dystonia

  • Share the Blog page and other Dystonia info on Facebook and twitter

  • Ask a Hosptial or Clinic to add information on the Dystonia awareness month on their medical display tv

  • Share our Dystonia Awareness video – Dystonia Awareness Video Australia

Make it your mission to spread the word!

September is Dystonia Awareness Month Australia

Dystonia Awareness Month image. Do not copy or use without permission. You may share link to this page.

Dystonia Awareness Month Poster 2015

Dystonia Awareness Month Poster 2015. Please print or share.



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