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Do you Suffer from Chronic Pain?

Many people with Dystonia may experience chronic pain which can have an impact on their life.  It is very important to discuss your pain with your GP who can assist you with a suitable pain management plan.

The following links direct you to the NPS MedicineWise website and other sites for more info, that may help you to manage your pain.

Chronic Pain

Source: Chronic Pain – © National Prescribing Service Ltd

Chronic pain affects around 20% of Australian adults.

Chronic pain is usually defined, in medical terms, as constant daily pain that is present for at least three of the preceding six months. Chronic pain can have many causes, sometimes it’s the result of a severe injury or a disease (eg, arthritis) but it can also have no cause. via Chronic pain (Chronic pain) | NPS MedicineWise.

Click on link provided to direct you to site for more info on managing pain: Managing Chronic Pain

Resources for patients with chronic pain  – Chronic pain communication tool, Pain Diary, Pain Management Plan and more click Resources for patients to direct you to NPS Page.

More links and resources for chronic pain –

Pain Management Network – website with information to get a better understanding of your pain and help manage your pain in partnership with your healthcare providers.

Pain Toolkit – The Australian Pain Society

Please discuss any health information provided with your Doctor or a health professional.


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