A brave mum and ADSG member shares her story of a genetic condition – Dopa Responsive Dystonia

One of the ADSG members and her daughter both live with Dopa Responsive Dystonia. Thank you to Kylie for helping to raise awareness for this condition. We hope that everyone will read the article and learn more about this type of Dystonia. We wish Kylie and her beautiful daughter the very best.
If you want to know more about Dystonia and Children then you can click on link provided. Dystonia and Children

Snippet of article: Click on link provided below to direct you to full article

A brave mum shares her story.

When I first contacted new mum Kylie, her 16-week-old baby Brianna was in hospital battling acute bronchitis.

She’s home now, however, since her birth in February, little Brianna has spent a lot of time in hospital. She’s been admitted seven times, in fact, due to her battle with Dopa Responsive Dystonia, a rare genetic disease that her mother was also born with.

We spoke about how they were coping – and how the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) was helping. via A brave mum shares her story of a rare genetic disease.http://www.themotherish.com/rare-genetic-disease/#top


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