Dystonia Europe Newsletter and the Jump for Dystonia Campaign

ADSG Down Under Jump in the Dystonia Europe newsletter! Read further for more details.

The Dystonia Europe recent newsletter is available for viewing and has updates on the Jump for Dystonia Campaign. This campaign has been very successful and you will find that some ADSG members participated in a jump which has been added in the newsletter on page 14 – Jump for Dystonia Down Under

The Dystonia session at the Parkinson’s Australia National Conference was held yesterday and attendees participated in a jump, so keep an eye out for another Down Under Jump!

More info in the newsletter:

MyDystonia – A Disease Diary for Dystonia Patients

Prof. Dr. Lars Timmermann discusses  Deep Brain Stimulation and the latest clinical research

Dystonia research

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Dystonia, Europe, newsletter

Dystonia Europe Spring 2015 Newsletter  https://dystonia-europe.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/DE-NEWS-SPRING-2015-.pdf CLICK ON IMAGE


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