Dystonia and Pain Management

Dystonia can cause extreme pain! Pain can affect people with various forms of Dystonia.

The following links give more information about Dystonia pain and management.

Some people with dystonia are concerned by the level of pain that they experience. Pain is often associated with neck dystonia and generalised dystonia and can also affect people with other types of dystonia.  It is very much an individual experience and varies greatly from person to person.

In many cases, treatments that address the dystonic contractions and spasms may also help to relieve the pain. Botulinum toxin injections and muscle relaxant medications may be quite effective at reducing pain.

via Dystonia and Painhttp://www.dystonia.org.uk/index.php/about-dystonia/dystonia-and-pain

Managing Pain

Pain management needs a multi-pronged approach. Medication is one element and the other two major elements are physical and cognitive therapy. Getting the best from pain management will involve putting a range of strategies into practice on a daily basis, which can take time and effort to learn how to do successfully.via http://www.painmanagement.org.au/resources/managing-pain.html  


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