How many people suffer from Dystonia in Australia?

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at

This is the question that is asked by many Australians but unfortunately there aren’t any statistics on how many suffer from Dystonia in Australia. However when Dr Florence Chang a Neurologist accepted the Brain Foundation 2014 Research Gift Award, in her acceptance speech she mentioned approximately how many suffer from Primary Dystonia (estimates are from oversees research Source: Epidemiology of primary dystonia). Please watch her acceptance speech by clicking on video provided.

Brain Foundation 2014 Research Gift Awards – Acceptance speech by Dr Florence Chang

Dr Chang will be one of the speaker’s presenting for the Dystonia Session at the Parkinson’s Australia National Conference in May 2015. Her presentation will be provide an update on Dystonia – What is out there for me and how can I help? For more details on the Dystonia session and the conference please click on link provided.

Some ADSG members have put alot of effort to organise the session and for sufferers to attend. We thank those members who have volunteered their time and have offered their assistance.

Want to know more about some of the ADSG members who have organised the Dystonia session or will be a speaker? Please click on links provided.

Margot ChivertonRetired Bassoon Player who is an ADSG member, contact for the SA Dystonia Group and organiser for the Dystonia session.

Suzanne Bayliss – ADSG member, contact for the Dystonia Support Group of Cairns, presenting at the Dystonia session and author of Heart and Soul.


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