‘Not just any twisted house!’

An ADSG member posted a Gingerbread house that was decorated for a friend. It was passed on to her local newspaper and was a point of interest for an article on Gingerbread houses for Christmas. 

The house is tilted and can say Dystonia folk would look at it as perfectly straight!

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Source:The Northern Daily Leader

Source: The Northern Daily Leader

Crooked house a Christmas cracker By Erin Handley Dec. 23, 2014, 4 a.m.

ICING ON THE HOUSE: Robyn Campanelli is trying her hand at gingerbread houses this Christmas, with the European tradition becoming increasingly popular among locals. Photo: Barry Smith 191214BSA03

ONE local woman has put a new slant on the traditional Christmas art of gingerbread house construction.

Robyn Campanelli said she had been “cursed” in previous gingerbread house-making attempts, but this year converted a “Halloween House” kit to suit a Christmas theme, with the house intentionally off-kilter.

The house is a personal joke for the silly season – Mrs Campanelli suffers from dystonia, making her head involuntarily tilt towards her shoulder.

She posted the house on her Facebook page to the delight of other people with dystonia, who joked that the house really didn’t look slanted from their perspective.

via Crooked house a Christmas cracker | The Northern Daily Leader.


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