Brookestar! Look at her now!

Brooke is a 17 year old who has Dystonia. Recently she bravely had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery to improve or alleviate the symptoms of her Dystonia. It is hoped that this will enable her to have more independence and better quality of life. Over the years she has suffered from this condition and she lost the ability to walk, talk and control her body. Now it is hoped that the DBS surgery she has had will change all that.  

More on DBS – health/dystonia/therapy/index.htm         

Below is an article which features Brooke who is trialling a motorised wheelchair. Click on link provided to direct you to the article.

getimageWheelchair program is a winner

Waverley Leader
9 Dec 2014

A DONATION of $25,000 to the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) will help children like Brooke enjoy more independence. CPEC in Glen Waverley used the money from the Combined Rotary Clubs of Monash’s annual Mayor of Monash charity golf day to buy…read more…


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