Finally ADSG website is online!

In 2011 a Dystonia sufferer decided to form a support group on Facebook. The group has grown over the years and members have supported each other while trying to cope with this condition.  As we know there are many out there searching for answers and support, who are not aware that the support group exists, so this ADSG website has been set up to help them find us. Also this site will help raise more awareness in the community

Group members have played a role in raising awareness on this condition over the years. Recently a Dystonia awareness month was organised in September. Group members joined in and helped spread the word and raise awareness. The awareness website had info on Dystonia, updates and events, stories of several sufferers, an awareness video and links to further information and support groups. 

The awareness month was a success! Approximately there were 870 visits to the awareness website and 750 visits on the Awareness Facebook page. Also altogether posts on the Facebook page reached 5,021 people.

The Dystonia Awareness video has been updated. Want to watch the ADSG Dystonia Awareness video?

The Dystonia awareness month September 2014 website

Dystonia awareness Month September 2014 website

Snippets of the awareness month!

image gallery fro ADSG blog post JPEG

We hope this support group can provide support to many who are suffering from this condition. If you have any queries please contact us via the ‘contact us’ page


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